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I was born at a very early age on a US Air Force Base just outside London, English mother, American father, I've always been confused. The old man had a been bomber pilot during WW2 who retired to the english countryside in the sixties because his native California had become 'over-crowded and full of crazy people.'

His first wife was Italian and he picked up his love of cooking from his in-laws. My mum is a fantastic baker and was always making cakes and pastries and jams, so I'd hazard a guess that my cooking thing comes from them. I'd get home from school and help cook dinner, like an unpaid sous chef, chopping up all the garlic and onions, peeling the spuds, sneaking outside for a quick smoke, that sort of thing. 

after I got married I accidentally fell into the film business and a few years after that, once we had two kids, we decided to move to Los Angeles for a couple of years. That was twenty-five years ago and now we're back in the u.k, but our grown-up children are Americans with British passports and confused like me. 

I will always be grateful to the film industry for filling my passport with stamps from places that I never would have visited otherwise,  tasting all kinds of food & drink in hundreds of restaurants & bars has been fascinating and has given me the wonderful opportunity to pursue my favourite things, eating, travelling, and making movies. With a bit of drinking on the side, just to be polite. It's rude not to, local customs and all that.

This site is just a collection of photographs and videos and some films that I worked on. For recipes, hotel & restaurant reviews and a bit of shopping go to



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