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I work mostly as a camera operator and sometimes a Stereographer on 3D projects. Here are some music videos and sundry items I've shot, mostly for fun.

You can check out my imdb page here; 



A Warm Place 

A short film directed by Bridger Nielson

Kathleen Edwards 'Back To Me''

Featuring John Doe from X and Gram Parsons daughter as the cop...

Directed by Kurt St Thomas

'Love For Sale'   

Jonny Berglund on guitar and flat cap

Teaser for 'The Book of Cool' 

The brainchild of Fred Rees, a dear old friend and all round good egg. I can't tell you how much fun we had shooting this. Its brilliant.

A great bunch of lads from Suffolk in England. I helped them get this video made, directed by Ben Bannister I thought it came out rather well.

We made this for no money, shot in a steel works in downtown L.A and my garage. I think the band were from San Diego. Directed by Jason Liggett.

This was the first of several projects I shot with director Kurt St Thomas. These guys were so much fun and were a joy to work with.

Damone - Frustrated unnoticed

Another video directed by Kurt St Thomas

This was a first album launch party at The Key Club on Sunset Blvd for a band called Orange, my son is the guitar player with the Marc Bolan hair.

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