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Subway station in Sofia, Bulgaria 2013

I saw this poster stuck on a wall in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have no idea whats going on here but I always think its someone else's hand on his face, not his own. 2013

Phil in the lobby of The Michelberger Hotel in Berlin 2013

Real live cowboys.

Central valley, CA

Beach Huts in Southwold, UK  2013

Shooting 'Dredd 3D' in Jo'burg, South Africa  2010

This was taken inside an enormous cooling tower in Hungary.

DP Sam McCurdy, looking at camera, with Dir Renny Harlin camera left

Director Paul Walker on the set of  'Hetty Feather' in Kent, UK  2014

Main-stage at The Wacken Open Air Festival near Hamburg, Germany. 100,000 mostly german metal-heads show up for a long week-end of fun.  All shot in glorious 3D.  2013

Beuatiful Elm Hill in Norwich UK, been there since 1200 A.D.

I took this in 2013

Downtown Los Angeles 

Hitching post in New Orleans

Small town I can't remember the name of in Louisiana USA

Oliver Bernard, poet, translator, teacher, father to my best friend. He was the most wonderful man. 

Photo: Pete Smith

Hollywood extras on a commercial for something unimportant. 

Aboard the Battleship Iowa, under the St Vincent Bridge, San Pedro CA.  

Detroit rock city. I think this was the old Packard factory. We were shooting a film there with Faye Dunaway, but thats another story.  



Justin & Mike, holding their chins.

Trellick Tower in Kensal Rise, London

Detroit. I'm not trying to paint a bad picture of this city, not at all, I loved the place, but its very sad whats happened there. I think they should forget cars and start building trains, we need more trains.

Phil Patterson - !st Assistant Director & Colin Watkinson -   Director of Photography. Two very funny boys. 

The Clover Grill, New Orleans. The burgers here are a well known hangover remedy. Thats Tana Dubbe, 'Key Grip to the Stars' smiling in the reflection. 

The Cloisters, Norwich Cathedral, UK 

Director and all round good fellow Ben Gregor on the set of  'Allstars 3D'  London UK

Dawn in Sofia. Bulgaria

Subway station at Hollywood and Highland,    Los Angeles

Lake Pontchatrain, Louisiana. 630 square miles and only about 15 feet deep

DP Matty Libatique and Camera Operator Colin Hudson on the set of  'My Own Love Song' in New Orleans

French Quarter, New Orleans

London Town

Enjoying some Vietmanese food in Arcadia CA, I couldn't help wondering if this young couple ever talk to each other.

Background Artistes.

Hot dog

My dog Ollie, and her nose

Ollie McDoggie

The Yacht Yard, Walberswick, Suffolk, UK

Bridge over Dunwich river, Walberswick, UK

Dunwich river and the marshes

Blakeney, North Norfolk, UK

Red Square, Moscow. This is The Kremlin, big scary place.

Red Square in Moscow. This is St Basil's Cathedral, built in the 16th century it looks like it belongs in Disneyland.

Sochi Winter Olympic Stadium. I went here on a commercial for Omega. We shot a couple of speed skaters hurtling around the ice, they go really fast.

Photo finish

Car wash in Los Angeles

Warpaint grafitti, DTLA


The view from my bedroom window, Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, xmas 2014

Emanuel Lebetzki Asc, we were shooting a commercial for something or other. A very talented DP and a really nice bloke.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 

Matty Libatique Asc and Matt Stenerson 1st AC. I've probably spent more time with these two clowns in the last 15 years than anyone else. Nothing but smiles...

The Louvre, Paris

My boy Jack, 'giving it large', at Safari Sams in hollywood CA. 2008

The Post Office Tower, London

More publicity for Orange, they got signed by Hellcat Records and were very happy! 2008?

Dancers on stage at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

Backstage at Stanford Theatre

Oliver Bernard sitting at his desk.

Kenninghall, Norfolk 2006

Under Santa Monica Pier


My beautiful daughter India,

Idyllwild, CA

Old derelict cottage in Norfolk that mother nature has reclaimed

Matty Libatique Asc with the one and only Barry Manilow.

"We do all the hits"

Matty and RDJ on the last day of shooting Iron Man

Santa Monica Pier


Kevin & Louise's house near Lewes in East Sussex, UK

San Francisco Bay

Director Phil Harder on the backlot at Universal Studios, Hollywood  CA

My back garden, Valley Village, CA

The Four Aces.

Arguably one of the most over-used locations in the history of filmaking, certainly in the world of music videos. Miles from anywhere in the middle of the Mojave desert.

Shooting a video for Kathleen Edwards (at the Four Aces) but the truck didn't have reverse gear...

My daughter India outside the Tate Modern in London a few years ago.

The view from my Mum's kitchen window.

Norfolk, UK

The Salton Sea, California,

not far from the border of Mexico

The bar at The Michelberger Hotel, hello old friend...

This is my parents getting married. 1955 in Norwich, UK

Director, DJ and impresario Kurt St Thomas.  He's a bad man.  

Le Mans 2015

I'm not big on motor racing but we shot a 3D documentary about the race and it was pretty amazing, its quite the spectacle and very loud.

Portland, Oregon.

A really nice place. I like this city a lot.


Mathew Ashforde and Pip Torrens on the set of 'Hetty Feather 2'. Fine actors both.

Nick & Ross, boom swingers and damn fine fellows.

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